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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogging is a strategy of writing optimized blog posts so that both the post and the target website pages gets ranked for specific keywords or keyword phrases (long tail). It is an optimized keyword focused blog writing style that requires linking using specific keywords in the anchor text of the link that deep links to your website.

Google loves blogs because they are always looking for relevant and unique content. Using SEO blogging can also help your website pages get a ranking faster because your content will be discovered sooner than waiting for it to be indexed. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you with SEO blogging.

Search Engine Optimization blogging tips

Topic focused: Your blog should be narrowly focused around a central topic. This can attract a readership and it establishes relevance.  A blog focused on wedding venues can attract a strong readership and consistent traffic. A blog that talks about rugby, netball and wedding venues is unfocused and will fail to get good relevant rankings on the search engines.

Keywords in your posts: Always select one primary keyword or phrase that you can center your blog post around. Never post a new blog post that does not have any relevant keywords or one that focuses on multiple keywords.

Use keywords in the title: Use the keyword you have selected in the title of the blog post. For the best results, begin your title with your keywords. Google gives high importance to the words in the title. This doesn’t mean you should only write your blog posts and titles for the search engines, you want to attract readers as well.

Body text: Use the keyword and phrases you have selected at least 3-4 times in the content of the blog post. Try to use the keyword in the first paragraph of the blog post. With optimized SEO blogging, you need to work the keywords in the content of your posts.

Links: Use keywords and phrases at least once within a link that points to the most relevant page on your website. Also use keyword phrases in the the anchor text to get the best value.

Duplicate content: All your blog posts should be unique and original. Avoid re posting the same content on your blog. Duplicate content will be ignored by Google.

Interesting content: Original, interesting content will attract readership and get good rankings on Google. Avoid publishing blog posts just for the sake of posting content.

SEO blogging is a powerful way to get good rankings on the search engines.