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Search engine optimization and sales

With the growing size of the online world you will find many “fake” internet marketing agencies broadcasting that they can get you #1 for a given search phrase. Many times these are false claims where the salesperson usually asks a low price to get you top rankings and website traffic.

Just to get the record straight, most of these claims are false or they are experimenting with Black Hat SEO that can get your website “sandboxed” on Google. Many times they are just in it for the quick buck. How do you separate these agencies from the real deal?

I receive many unsolicited spam emails promising miracle traffic and rankings for our website. These promises includes top rankings on the search engines for your keywords, massive web traffic or “top secret” methods that only they have access to. When I see these emails, I delete them immediately because they offer false promises.

What happens when a poor business owner receive one of these emails and is desperate to get more business leads from their website? They don’t know enough about SEO to know how to separate the scam agencies from the real SEO experts.

Search engine optimization and sales: Real search engine optimization is not magic

Conducting real SEO is not magic. Real SEO is about attracting targeted people to your website that are interested in what you sell. It should always be highly relevant. The keyword phrases needs to have value relevant to your business and what people would type into the search engines to discover your business.

If you are an internet marketing agency, always educate your clients on SEO and the keywords you are targeting to get results for their campaign. You can also determine the level of competition and their website needs to be checked and audited for on page SEO technical problems.

Here’s a couple of questions you should always ask before you start a SEO campaign (Search engine optimization and sales campaign).

  • What is included in the SEO campaign? It should never be a secret.
  • Ask for examples of their work.
  • Ask for references from their clients.
  • Look at their own profiles and websites. Are they credible and do they have good rankings?
  • What is the linking strategy they are using?