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The world wide web continues to grow at the speed of light. Many business are making money online with direct sales on their websites. This creates increased competition and opportunities. To do well by selling online, businesses needs to promote their shopping website (e-commerce) with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

An e-commerce enabled website gives any business the opportunity to add this to their retail business with “digital” sales, but the question remains – how are you going to get targeted traffic to your online shop? With an optimized SEO strategy you can strenghten your brand and at the same time increase your online sales. Find below a couple of tips that can help you optimize your e-commerce store.

E-commerce search engine optimization tips

Social media: Social media is still a buzz word to many and will be covered in more detail in a future blog post, but integrating social media interaction on your website can help your visitors make the final decision. Have a look at how Amazon integrates social media by adding product ratings, feedback, and reviews.

Also integrate Twitter, Facebook Likes, Google+, and Pinterest into the design of your store. Use these social signals to encourage the sharing of your content.

Content: Add a blog to your e-commerce site where you can publish related how to guides and articles. Many online shopping platforms are way too thin on content marketing.

Video: Video content is always a great way that your visitors can consume your content. Add product reviews and how to videos where people can visualize the products in use or how they can help them. Tag each of your videos with keywords.

SEO: All of the pages on your e-commerce shop should have keywords worked into the content, title tags, hyperlinks, and the alt tags of the images you display. Link internal relevant pages together and group them.

Mobile version: Create a mobile version of your online shop to enable people to visit your e-commerce site on their smartphone or tablet. Remember that a mobile version of your site will need to be designed to minimize bandwidth usage.

Measurement: Add Google Analytics to every page on your shopping website so that you can clear understand your visitors behavior. Monitor the analytics in detail to understand what your visitors are looking for. This will help you make improvements where necessary.