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For search engine optimization (SEO), off page SEO such as building backlinks are more important than the physical on page SEO you do on your website. Building backlinks is not just the quantity of quality links that you get pointing back to your website, but how fast you are building new links also plays a big role.

For SEO experts, this is called the link acquisition rate and this is the rate at which new backlinks are discovered by Google. Building a steady stream of backlinks over time is best. To give you an example: if you notice that one of your competitors has a thousand or more backlinks and you have only a few links pointing back to your website, will you decide to start an aggressive link building campaign by adding your website to a thousand of web directories and comment on numerous social sources and then you stop?

Your website will still have very few links leading up to your “link building campaign”, and have a massive spike in backlinks when you started the campaign and then go back to no new links. Google will notice that you have built many new links in a short period of time and most likely discount a huge percentage of those new links.

Building quality backlinks over time

Building links over time looks much more natural and organic to Google, and you are much better off building a steady stream of quality links over long period of time.

There are many tools online that you can use to check how fast you are building backlinks. Link building is still an integral part of SEO and if done right, you will reap great organic rankings and targeted traffic. If you are building many backlinks in a short period of time, your backlinks will work against you.