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Back in the day (6 years ago) it was OK to have a simple brochure website that consists of 5 or less pages. Google’s algorithm changed dramatically over the last couple of years and they have shifted their focus to dynamic websites that publishes fresh and relevant content on a regular basis.

With this said, it’s easier than you might think to keep a “dynamic” and fresh website. The easiest method to add new pages and relevant content do your website that the search engines and interested visitors will love is by adding a blog to your website. Each time you publish a new blog post it is seen by Google as a new website page that can get indexed adding to your digital footprint online.  When adding new content to your website or blog, how are you going to optimize the content so that it gets the best rankings on Google?

SEO content writing tips

Keyword research: Start by doing some in depth keyword research on the keywords and phrases that you will be targeting. If you are going to add new content on a regular basis, create a list of all the keywords you are going to target.

Write for your audience: When writing new content, write the content for your target audience. Use the keywords you are targeting prominently to make the content visible on the search engines. Use eye catching titles to draw people in through the search engines.

Social sharing: Make it easy to share your content on all the popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. If you are going to add a blog, add links to make it easy to subscribe to your blog and newsletter.

Measure: Always measure your results with using analytics tools such as Google Analytics. What content gets the most exposure? How much traffic are you generating from your social media sharing options? Does a particular topic interest your audience more? This data can be used to better your writing style.

The best websites are the ones that publishes fresh and unique content on a regular basis that catches the attention of their readers.