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This is the first post in a series where I will cover business blogging in detail and how you can use this medium with your internet marketing strategy, social media marketing efforts and to build up some brand credibility in your market niche. Even though it can become quite technical, this first post will help you understand the importance of business blogging.

Business blogging walks hand in hand with social media marketing.  In my experience, business blogging can get your faster results than traditional internet marketing.  Businesses everywhere are quickly taking advantage of blog marketing as one of the main focus points in their internet marketing strategies.

Blog marketing

Blog marketing uses blog posts to advertise or publicize any services, products that you might have.  It will also help you increase the rankings of your website on the search engines.  Business blogging can help you establish your brand name as the authority in your market niche. Blogging is an interactive medium that can allow you to reach potential clients through communication.  This can help you build up rankings for your company brand, visitor traffic (eye balls), reaching new prospects, engagement and putting a face behind your marketing message.

Blogs are the magazines of the future

In my opinion, blogs are the magazines of the future and are already playing a leading role on the web. How many times are you searching Google and the results consist of only blog posts that others have written about the specific topic your are search for?

Blog readers tend to be early influencers and adopters.  Blog readers are also more likely to take an action such as contacting you as a results of what they have read on your blog.  The marketing strategy of a blog is very similar to a newsletter that you can email out to your subscribers.  Both can build credibility and an ongoing relationship with your prospects and customers.Your business blog can help you keep your services or products in their minds when they are ready to make the final decision and buy.