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Optimizing your title tag for SEO

Are you busy with the on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website? Are you looking for a very quick way to help you boost your rankings? The title tags that you use in your website can be optimized to help you with your rankings. These tags are one of the most important ways to get top rankings on Google and various other search engines.

Optimizing your title tags should always be part of your online optimization strategy. Here’s a couple of tips you can use to optimize the title tags of your website.

Title tag optimization tips

Keyword research: On page optimization should always start with keyword research. This will help you find the best keywords that are relevant to your website and pages.

Primary keyword: Use the most important keyword phrase at the beginning of the title tag. Google assigns high value to to the words at the beginning. This will help signal the search engines what your website page is about. If you want to add your company name to the title tag, add the name last.

Length: Never use more than 70 characters for your title tag. This is the amount of characters that Google displays on their search results. If you use a long title with more than 70 characters the full title will not be displayed.

Relevancy: The title tags of your website should always be unique, relevant and specific to each page. Avoid having duplicate title tags on any of your website pages. The title tags should be written for the search engines as well as your website visitors. Avoid listing only a series of keywords.

Synonyms: The usage of synonyms is a legitimate way of adding repetition into your title tags to reinforce what the website page is all about. Using synonyms conveys the same meaning while avoiding repeating the same word over and over.