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If you want to start adding a blog to your website or you already have one, did you know that you can use your blog to improve your organic SEO rankings? How do you select the best topics to make sure your blog adds SEO (search engine optimization) value to your website?

Don’t publish blog posts just for the sake of publishing content. Your content and writing should be something you are passionate about as well as your target audience. How can you make your target audience aware of your products and services? What motivates them? What changes will your service bring to them? How can you educate and make them aware that what you are offering is really worth their while? Here’s a couple of tips if you are unsure what you should write about in your blog post topics.

Blog post topics for SEO

Focus on targeting your best customers and start asking what topics and content they would be interested in? What will make them read and engage with your content? If you are a restaurant owner, you could blog about your menu and any changes to it, specials you are offering or even celebrities that frequently visit your business.

If you have a pharmacy, you could write about common flu symptoms, seasonal illnesses or even break through news in the medicine industry. With blogging you can become the go to source of information in your niche and also establish yourself as the market leader.

Also, focus on writing blog posts that you are passionate about. What interests you about your business? Will your target audience find this information valuable? Use your expertise in writing about common problems and solutions regarding your industry. Blogging is a powerful method on education marketing. It’s also important to remember that blogging is a once off event and is a long term commitment. Trust me. It does pay off.