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As you might already know, social media marketing is a form of word of mouth marketing through the usage of various social media channels like social networking, blogging, image and video sharing websites. The core role of social media is about building trust and engaging with users online. Did you know by optimising your social media campaign you can be generating targeted traffic to your website?

In order to achieve this you should always focus on curating, sharing and publishing original content that your target audience will find useful. If you are going to share content directly from your website such as your blog, this can also help your search engine optimisation strategies by making sure your content gets seen by real people. Also, links that you can receive by publishing original content on your blog can improve your search engine rankings dramatically.

Social media is quite different than traditional marketing methods. Social media is all about building relationships and trust by publishing original content and engaging with your target audience. Use this medium to build your reputation and make a name for your brand. Social media should never be used as a hard selling technique as this will backfire one shot. People like to do business with people that they know and trust and by only shoving sales messages in front of your followers will put them off.

Social media = create a natural following

Brand yourself as the industry leader in your niche because your brand is what you stand for, what you care about and how you connect with others. Be the one they can look up to for inspiration by being the voice in your niche. Your goal is to create a natural following.

This might sound easy, and sometimes it is, but with any marketing strategy online, it takes time to get the best results. Focus on the people you want to target with your social media campaign and become social. There’s no other way.