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Most websites aren’t built to focus on generating sales and leads. The reason for this is because they were not developed and designed to focus on business goals and to engage with their visitors. These are usually just simple brochure websites with basic information and no call to actions. Build it and they will come is a thing of the past so these websites doesn’t work.

What make a website successful? One that focuses on the needs and questions of the people visiting the website. Not just any visitor, but the ones that are interested in the services and offers on the website. These people are the ones that are the most interested in visiting your website and stand a good chance of being converted into a sale or a lead.

How do you change your website to cater for these people? It’s involves basically everything on your website. The design, user experience, content and layout needs to be built around their needs. Understand your target audience and you will know how to optimise it for them. Here’s a couple of tips to get you started.

Optimise your website for your target audience

Focus: What is the primary focus of your site? What services and products are you showcasing on your website? Your website should be aligned with your business goals and have a clear function. What questions can you answer for your visitors? Are you unique and are you separated from your competition? Answer these questions.

Who is your target audience? What do you know about your target audience? Do you know their demographics? How old are they and what interests them? Create a persona for these people and optimise your website specifically for them.

Why would these people come? Why would your target audience visit your website? Are they looking for something specific? How can you cater for there needs?

Call to action: What would make your visitors buy or take an action on your website? Think like your visitors and create a clear path that they should follow on your website to complete an action or sale. Make it as easy as possible for them so that the whole process looks natural and to the point.

Your visitors should always complete some sort of action on your website. Make a point of optimising your website for your target audience and create a clear sales funnel for them to follow.