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When is the right time to overhaul and redesign your website? In my opinion, a website has a lifespan of 1 year. Trends and technology keeps on evolving on the digital web so it’s important that you stay ahead of the game. Your customers expect it.

When a new visitor arrives on your website, within a couple of seconds they will make a choice of either browsing for more information or leave and visit the next search results. This happens as soon as a visitor arrives on your site and it’s based on the design of your website. Does it look professional and to the point or does it look like a circus?

Here’s a couple of website design tips on when you should redesign your website.

Website redesign tips

Your website is old: Styles and trends change over time. If you have a really old looking website it shows that you are not keeping up with the latest technology trends.

Optimized design: Does your website design mirror your business? What are your competitors doing with their websites? How does it compare with what they are doing? Does their design showcase that they know what they are doing? Optimize your design to be an exact mirror of your business.

Change goals: Are you chasing new goals with your business? Are you still targeting the same market? Update your website as soon as your goals changes, new products and services are added.

Conversions: If your website is not generating any sales or leads, it might be time to redesign. Does your visitors understand what you are offering as soon as they arrive on your website? Websites that are excellent in generating leads are designed to be super selling websites.

Traffic: Did you know that the design of your website might be affecting your organic rankings on Google? Maybe your design is not optimized or you are using only flash elements? The design of your website can affect your search engine optimization campaign.