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No Surprise Policy

ABC MARKETING is committed to complete your project at the prices we provided to you at the beginning of the project.  Additionally, we know that no one likes unpleasant surprises, especially when it comes to finances, so we created this policy to make you aware of the events that often result in an increase in the price of a web development/internet marketing project.  Finally, we believe in open, honest communication and believe it is our duty to inform you of those situations that impact the final price of a project.

Following are the most frequent instances that will cause an increase in the final price or a delay in the project:

  1. You request additional features and functions that were not listed in the original project description documents presented to you as part of the sales presentation process.
  2. You request the addition of Flash applications/files that were not listed in the original project description documents.
  3. You request changes to the graphic template after you have approved the graphic template design.
  4. You request more than three rounds of revisions to the graphic template design.
  5. You request changes to the main site navigation after you have approved the navigation structure on the Siteplan document.
  6. You request the addition of new webpages beyond the number of pages stated on the original project description documents.
  7. Webpages containing more than 700 words.
  8. You request revisions to the text content and pictures you provided to us after the content and pictures are placed into the website.
  9. You request that we work on systems and processes that are external to the website and not included in the original description documents.
  10. You request changes to how a pre-developed module looks and works. We sometimes use pre-developed modules because they are more cost-effective for you.
  11. We have to resolve problems in another online application that were caused by the development and launch of a website when we were not given prior knowledge of any connectivity or unique programming issues.
  12. We only do two trips to clients – if you need to send us info you can either drop it off or send it via Dropbox, OneNote or Filetransfer. All trips less than and in the radius of 10km is regarded as to two trips accepted. Rate per km is calculated accordingly to the AA rates. Rate for 2016 is currently @ R3.67/km
  13. Transfer of a domain name can take up to a week provided that we have all the info from the domain registrar – which includes the Authorisation Code
  14. If you do not give us enough copy to write your website content, then we might not get the content written the way you would like it to be.

Consistent with our “No Surprises” policy and our desire for open, honest communications, if at any time you have a question about any of the aforementioned items; please don’t hesitate to ask the ABC MARKETING team.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

Johnny Da Silva
3DOM DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Consultant in South Africa.

Cell: +27 82 4155 799 
Email: info@johnnydasilva.com

3dom Digital Agency Social Media Marketing Web Designs and IT

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