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If you are in the process of building a new website or an overhaul of your existing one, you most likely know that it’s quite a big process. You look at your website from all angles and then create a strategy to build your website.

Before you start with this process, ask yourself why you want a new website. What is the new website going to do? Will it help me to become successful? How does my business goals and objectives fit in to the website? This is the most important question because your website should always be used to align your website and business goals.

If you are struggling to find the right objectives with your website, have a look at the examples below.

  • To sell online
  • To generate sales leads
  • To build an email database
  • To build authority and credibility
  • To establish yourself as the leader in the field
  • To notify your clients on new services
  • Use for customer service
  • Be the main point of entry for your marketing campaigns
  • To showcase your work

In order to create the best website for what you want to achieve, start by prioritising your business goals on what you want to achieve with your site. Next you should list the secondary goals. Add these to an excel spreadsheet. Once done, you can start adding in a sales funnel, call to actions, content, and images that will support your goals. Make it visual so that you can see how you are going to integrate this in your website.

If you don’t list your goals and what you want to achieve with your website, usually there will be too many options that a user has to to take. If you offer too many options to your visitors, they will most likely leave because they will be confused. A great website gives the visitor exactly what he’s looking for and offering him a way (call to action) to take it further. Don’t resent too many options.

When you are implementing specific features on your website to support your goals, make sure to measure these to analyse if it’s really working for you. Never focus on what is just there for the sake of it. Your website is a business tool and should be optimised to reach your goals.