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Your company does need a website. Whether you are small or large, the requirements are going to be just about the same. It’s a necessity to get your name out there. That means that you’re going to have to create the website that will allow you to be found in search and promote your products. What are the requisites for a good website? There are not really that many to get you started. If you are building your site on your own, chances are that you can do it fairly inexpensively. In most cases the site that you create will cost under 100 dollars. If you are having it done by a professional, you may require the same things, you’ll just be paying a little more money to accomplish it.

To begin you’re going to need hosting. The hosting can be shared hosting at first. It won’t require a lot of space or a great deal of bandwidth when you start your small business site. For a larger site with more customers out of the gate, you may require dedicated hosting. This could cost between 10 and 50 dollars per month, depending on the kind of hosting that you’re starting with.

In addition to hosting you’re going to require a domain name. Choose your name wisely so that it reflects not only who you are, but also what you are doing. For example, Joes is not going to be as easily found and as successful as JoesCheeseCompany. That tells the world who you are and what you do so that when people are seeking out specific products. they will know to look for yours.

Once you’ve got the hosting and the domain intact, the only thing that is left for you to look for is the kind of software or content management software such as WordPress or Joomla that you’re going to use in order to put up your site. A great deal of the software that you can use today is free and is open source. This will help to lower your costs significantly even if you are having a professional build your site for you.