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This is because mobile computing is a trend that is only going to get larger as the days go on. People are buying more and more mobile smart phones, and less and less desktop computers. This means that in order to have the most effective social media marketing approach possible, it’s important to keep the mobile audience in mind.  In order to properly cater to mobile audiences, it’s important to keep a few things in mind-

Keep It Short

It’s hard to read long speeches on a tiny smart phone screen. By keeping your messages succinct and the point, you’ll ensure that your mobile social media marketing will hit home as effectively as possible. It’s a sad truth that mobile audiences are even more prone to attention deficit issues than other audiences. This is because as a mobile audience, they are very likely doing other things out in the real world beyond just surfing the net. They are using their phone as a distraction, so distract them! Short messages that draw interest are the way to do it.

Media Is Your Friend

Reading long messages on a mobile device isn’t the preferred method, but media can work. Pictures especially, A distracting picture can go a long way to getting a marketing idea across. Links to videos can do this as well, especially short videos with music. Keeping up a constant stream of content with media on social sites like Twitter and Facebook can go a long way to helping you reach your mobile social media marketing goals.

The Rule is Cool

It’s important to stay on topic, but nothing will kill a campaign for mobile social media marketing faster than going on about how important it is to buy a product directly. If you make it interesting, and related to something else as well, so as to stay “cool,” then your campaign is much more likely to do well. Cool movies, music, pictures, or clever tweets or Facebook posts will ensure that your message goes as far as possible. This will also make sure that you have a better chance for your efforts to “go viral,” and reach a huge audience.