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If you are in the process of designing a new website for your business or personally, there are many mistakes you should avoid that could hinder the success of your new website. It doesn’t matter if you are redesigning your existing business website or replacing it with a completely new one, avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Website design mistakes

  • No clear purposes or goal: The first step you should take when designing a new website is by having a clear purpose with your website. This is what you want to achieve with your new website. If you are interested in generating sales and leads, your website should be designed to be a lead generating machine.
  • Target audience: Your website should be built for your target audience. These are the people that you would like to reach with your website and will become your customers. Your website message, brand and design should be focused around their needs.
  • Call to actions: Your website needs specific call to actions and sales funnels that you want your visitors to take once they arrive on your website. If they don’t know what they should do once they arrive on your website, they will leave and it will be harder to convert those visitors. Always guide your visitors on the steps they should take.
  • Traffic: How are you going to generate traffic to your website? If you are going to focus purely on SEO, this needs to be integrated into the very core of your website. Deciding on the traffic you are going to use is very important as this could change your website completely.

Your website can be the corner stone of your business and should be built to help you reach your business goals. It’s more than just a portfolio of your business. It’s your business online. Avoid the common mistakes explained above when you are building a new website for your business.