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The whole world has gone digital. The rise of the social web that includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and blogs has completely changed the way we communicate and socialize online. Marketing is now all about building valuable relationships online. The world wide web has made knowledge and information something that can be gained on demand with an instant.

Communication online is not just available for the elite. All the barriers have been broken down. People that blog and tweet about real time events is making information available as it happens. Everyone is now seen as a citizen journalist and can be heard by millions. The social web has made the world more reachable no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Social networking expanded business

Social network has expanded our business view and created new and exciting opportunities to meet and interact with targeted audiences around the globe. In plain English; social media can take you anywhere. Advertising and marketing is not about broadcasting your message to the masses. It’s all about interacting and reaching with the individual. Micro niches have changed and replaced most of the large market channels such as news, and television.

Businesses can use social media to build up their brand name and reputation, never to sell services and products directly. Your brand is what you are and what you represent. It’s also about what you care about and your connection to other people. You have to be the unique and trusted voice in your niche. Your goal with social media should be to build a natural following.

Real time marketing

Politicians are monitoring real time what is going on online and what is being said about them. Feedback is real time with social media. Social media can now be seen as the working tools of public relations. We are living in a world where we cannot hide in the shadows and everything is public by becoming more transparent.

The internet marketing landscape has changed considerably over the last couple of years. It’s getting more difficult to get your message out. The old way of controlling your own message is over and is now time to start with a social media marketing strategy if you want to get your message on the web.