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The home page of your website is one of the most valuable pages of your business website. This is one of the first pages your website visitors will arrive on. Usually, a website visitor scans the home page in a couple of seconds and decide if they are going to browse your website further or leave and visit the next search result.

Did you know that the home page of your website can also be one of the most valuable pages on your entire site for the search engines? This is the entry point for them to index and find all the relevant content on your domain. How can you optimize your home page so that you can get the most of it? Find a couple of tips below to help you with this.

Optimizing your home page

Target visitors: What is your target audience looking for on your home page? What questions do they have that you can help them with? What questions do they normally ask and what triggers them to make the final decision? Tailor the content of your home page to suit them.

Answer their queries: A visitor comes to your website with a range of different questions, but usually about a specific topic. Can you help solve their problems? That means when writing to them, you must clearly address their needs. Talk about how to solve their queries.

What makes you unique: What are the benefits of using you and why should they choose your business above your competitors? This is the message that your home page must say. Write your content in a way so that you can help your customers and don’t focus on only about your company.

Action: Use special words and call to actions on your home page to guide the visitors on the next steps you would like them to take. Use bold words such as “contact now” or “free download” to grab the attention of your visitors. Using short phrases with an action will encourage your website visitors to make a fast decision.

A good home page greets interested visitors with a solution to their needs. It is well organized and to the point.