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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very expensive process where many businesses are spending lots of money every month to get top organic results from the search engines. While some SEO tactics are ineffective in the long run (black hat SEO), some tactics can attract the wrong traffic to your website or blog. This is the traffic that is not converting into sales (conversions).

SEO is all about driving targeted traffic to your website or blog from the search engines, and it is one of the best investments any business can make online. The world wide web consist of millions of websites and so SEO is an absolute must to be found online, and to generate leads or sales for your business. If you are busy with an SEO campaign, what should you look out for?

Search Engine Optimization tips

Traffic: Are you attracting targeted visitors to your website? Your SEO campaign needs to be keyword optimized to attract the right visitors that can result in more sales and conversions. Local buyers are looking for local businesses. Research which keywords your ideal customer will use when searching for your business.

White hat SEO: There has been a number of updates in the last few month on Google’s algorithm to penalize websites and blogs with very low quality content, link schemes, and duplicate content. Using methods such as Black Hat SEO might work for a short while, but they always fail in the long run. Always focus on quality content that is keyword rich and that others will find interesting.

Conversions: The design of your website should be focused on one thing – to sell. Interested visitors to your website should be directed to a request quote, buy or a request to sign up form. Targeted visitors are looking for a specific solution to their problem. If your website cannot provide them with a solution or a clear call to action, you might get lots of traffic, but no conversions.

Targeted traffic from Google is important, but high conversion rates and sales is what it is all about.