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It’s a fact that many website visitors will leave without browsing further into your website or taking an action on your sales funnel. Your visitors have to be interested in your message in such a way that they will return. If you want to start with an email marketing campaign to enhance your marketing strategy, collect their contact information on your website by implementing an opt in email registration system. With email marketing you can engage with your audience and turn them into customers.

Email marketing is a great marketing medium that you can use to target specific people that are interested in your products and services. To run a successful email marketing campaign, provide your list with the information they are looking for. This could either be a lead nurture campaign where you could send a couple of emails to them over a period of time or a simply newsletter about related news of your business.

Email marketing signup

The idea of starting an email marketing campaign is to get people to sign up to your “newsletter” by giving you permission to send them email. It’s important that they opt in and agree to receive emails from you and you should give them the choice to also opt out of not receiving any emails anymore.

By giving your audience control to either receive your emails or not, you can create a list of people that are really interested in what you say. The easiest way to start with this is to use an email registration form in the sidebar of your website. Keep the information that you require to a minimum and only ask for name, email, and a question or two. Be clear that they are registering for your newsletters.

Email marketing can be a great medium to add more content to your digital marketing campaign.