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Do you currently have a Google PPC (pay per click) campaign with your online marketing strategy and you are getting good results? Did you put the campaign in auto mode because you are satisfied with the results, but the sales are not the same as what they used to be? Did you know that with a little bit of PPC optimization you can actually get so much more out of your campaign?

Where do you begin with the whole PPC optimization process? If you are already running a campaign, you are in luck because you have a  history and past performance you can use to provide you with the information on what you should do. To maximize the overall effectiveness of your campaign you must track the data of your conversions. Find below a couple of tips that can help you with the optimization process.

PPC optimization tips

Keywords: Optimize your keywords by removing the keywords with the lowest performance and keeping the best ones. If you have keywords that are receiving traffic with no conversions, optimize your landing pages to get the best results. You can also change your keyword matching:

  • Exact match: These contain only the keywords you are looking for and in an exact order.
  • Phrase match: These can include additional keywords before and after your main keyword phrase.
  • Broad match: These are the keywords that can be used in any order an can include additional keywords hence the broad match name.

Optimize your ads: Make sure you have relevant message in your ad copy to get the attention of your audience. Start with A/B split testing to test a couple of different variation of your ads to see what works the best. Keep the ones that are performing and lose the ones that are not. To start with split testing, change the wording, URL, and landing pages of your campaign.

Track performance: Track the performance between the content and search networks. Split these into separate campaigns you can run your tests on both of these campaigns. In most cases, the search network will convert better overall than the content network.

Optimize the time when the ads are displayed: Did you know that you can control and change the times your ads are displayed? You can change this under the advanced settings.

Landing page optimization: Split test the landing pages you are using in your campaign. Change the position of the CTA and the colours of the landing page. Make sure your landing pages are optimized around a specific topic with a clear message and call to action to get the best results.