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It’s a fact that if you want to increase sales and leads to your website, you have to keep the options as simple as possible. More doesn’t mean better. Focus on the needs of your target audience and optimize your website accordingly for them. If you are not focusing on them, most likely you will offer your visitors with too many options confusing them in the process. In the world of selling online and internet marketing, make it as easy as possible to offer your visitors what they are looking for and they will buy from you. It’s as simple as that.

When you offer too many options and choices that your visitors must make they will leave without taking an action at all. Offering your visitors with a wider selection of choices will definitely result in lower sales. People searching online are looking for the best options. With too many options they will become frustrated. Never make them think and make a clear sales funnel where they can choose the best options that will suit their needs.

This might sound easier than it is, but how do you configure your website so that it works in the most simple possible way? Start by putting yourself in your visitors shoes and ask yourself these three questions when looking at your website; What are my options? What do I really need? Can I compare any of the options?

Online sales choices

How many options should you offer your visitors? This all depends on what you are selling. To succeed with this you should think of ways how you can simplify the final decision. When viewing a website page, never offer your visitors more than three options. Limit the decisions so that your visitors doesn’t have to think on what they should do or what they should do next.

Create a detailed sales funnel in excel that showcases what will happen if a visitor clicks on a call to action. Are they taken to a lead generation form or another page? How much content will be needed to convert the visitor? Only provide top content that will answer their questions and will push them closer to making the final decision. Don’t overwhelm them with too many options.