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In modern times, social media marketing is so important, you could almost say that it’s the key to success in online businesses. And when it comes to marketing on the Internet, one of the most important social networking sites you can use is Twitter.

Part of the reason for this is because Facebook has recently made their site less palatable to marketers through various fees, while Twitter is still completely free, and has the ability to potentially reach a very large number of people.When marketing on Twitter, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

Tweet Often

It’s a sad fact in social media marketing that if you don’t put out content constantly, you’ll lose people. The Internet is so full of information, so full of conversations and various things happening, that short attention spans abound. If you don’t keep content coming at your followers constantly, you’ll lose people in a hurry. Tweeting on your topic at all is an effective strategy. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your business. Anything in the general area that could be in any way related to your topic could be very helpful in maintaining and expanding your reach.

Follow People in Your Topic

One good way to grow your reach on Twitter is to follow people who are doing something similar to what you’re doing. If you’re in the restaurant business, for example, you could follow others doing the same thing, like Pizza stores, or anything else related. This will put you in contact with potential customers who are interested in the topic related to your business. If you can comment on the tweets that come down the line from popular personalities online, use mentions, use retweets with mentions, and so on, you’ll increase your visibility among that client base. You could very easily get some of your own followers that way.

Keep Attention

When it comes to social media marketing you should do whatever you got to do to keep people’s attention. In the world of social media marketing, attention spans flag fast. So gimmicks like contests, “best of” voting, and anything else interactive is an effective way to make sure people stay on board for long enough to grow your base. Growing any base takes time, and it is necessary to keep at it.