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Search engine optimization consists of a couple of methods that involves the optimization of your website to make your site more visible on the search engines. Is your website SEO friendly and can your site be indexed and easily crawled by Google to ensure top organic rankings?

With any search engine optimization strategy, start the process by identifying the best keywords you are going to use relevant to your industry. What keywords will your target audience use on Google when they search for you? The keywords you choose should be relevant to your business. Even though selecting the best keywords is the first step you should take with your SEO campaign, what else can you do to make your website SEO friendly?

Website optimization

Page URL: Use the keywords you selected in the URL of the page. Separate the main keyword phrases with hyphens. This way you can have search engine friendly URL’s.

Titles: The title tag is most likely one of the most important meta tags on your website because it’s visible to your users, and people searching on the web. Each title tag should be unique on your website. Use the most important keyword in the beginning of the title and don’t use more than 75 characters.

Navigation menu: Use text based links in your navigation menu so that the search engines can easily navigate your website. If you are using image based navigation, it makes it difficult for the search engines to navigate to all the pages on your site.

Page content: Make sure you are using original and unique content on every single page of your website. Use a minimum of 300 words per page. Use your selected keywords in the content of your page to make it relevant. Also, use the keywords in the hyperlinks, and headlines.

Blogging: Adding a blog to your website is a great way to increase the visibility of your website on the search engines. Each blog post is seen by the search engines as a new page. This increases your digital property online.

When optimizing your website to be search engine friendly, you are doing it for two audiences. For your visitors and the search engines.