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Having a strong website message is about creating a strong message that can quickly and accurately communicate your value proposition to your website visitors. When a new person visits your websites and scans the content, do they understand what it’s about and how it can help them answer their problem?

Does your visitors understand your business and services? Your website content should always reflect your company and what you stand for. Do they understand what you offer? 99% of all searches starts with a question so all you have to do is answer these questions on your website. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you craft your website message to help you with your internet marketing strategy.

Website message

Visitor focus: Your website should be about helping your visitors and solve any queries that they might have. Never only talk about yourself and what you have achieved. How can you help them? Instead of talking about how great you are, talk about a solution to any problems they might have.

Headings: All the main headings and sub headings of your website should communicate the essence of your message. They should be compelling and also be able to be understood by the visitor that arrives to your website page. Maybe they just want to know if they are in the right place. Use your website headlines to grab the attention of your visitors.

Keywords: These are the keywords and keyword phrases that people will type into Google to get to your website. By using the most common keywords in your content, visitors will know they came to the right place. Optimizing for keywords not only helps your website get ranked on the search engines, it also helps with your website message.

What can you gain?: People search for services and products that solves a problem. How will your website visitors benefit from what you are offering? If it doesn’t make their life better, why should they use any of your services or products?

Grammar: Visitors to your website will judge your business by your website. It should reflect your business. Your unique content is a reflection of the services and products you offer. Grammar and spelling mistakes creates a low quality perception of your business.