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Every business online wants more targeted traffic to their website and various online profiles.  Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a form of internet marketing that can help you get new targeted visitors to your website.

Even though this sounds all easy, a couple of steps needs to be taken to achieve the best organic results and to start a campaign so that you can increase your rankings on the search engines organically.  Find a couple of tips below that can help you plan your internet marketing campaign.

Internet marketing campaign tips

Planning: What services or products do you want to promote on your website? What are your best products? Who is your target market? Do they need your services or products?

Keywords: Create a keyword list containing keywords and phrases (long tail keywords) of what your customers might search for to get to your website.  Do some in-depth keyword research using a 3rd party tool such as the Google Keywords Tool to find the best phrases for your business.

Competitors: Using the your top 3-4 keywords you have selected, look at who is currently ranking at the top for those keywords.  How many pages do those competitors have? How many back links do they have? Do they have a blog? Are they using social media marketing? This will give you a good indication of the level of competition you will be facing.

Website: Do an evaluation of your website and campaign against your competition. Do you need to add more pages or change your content strategy to highlight the keywords you have selected to use?

On page SEO: Apply the keywords you have selected to the physical pages of your website according to your plan. Use these keywords in the meta title, heading tags, anchor links and in the content of the pages.

Back links: Build links to your website and pages from trusted websites.  This can be done through trusted article directories, forums and even your blog. Links pointing to your website should contain the keyword to the page you want to link to and you want to build ranking for. Building back links is not a once of process and this can be a strategy/campaign on its own.

Measurement: Set up your measurement systems such as Google Analytics in advance so that you can evaluate the success of your digital marketing efforts. Measure your rankings, number of visitors – unique and returning, visitors coming from organic search, number of conversions and other information regarding your website visitors.

The tips above can be as simple or comprehensive as you want to make it. You can add a content marketing strategy to your campaign by adding a blog to your website or you can add a couple of new pages to your website every month. The most important aspect of starting a digital marketing campaign is to develop a plan and then consistently improve your website.