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Building up your “internet profile” and business takes time and effort and it is not a simple one time process. Internet marketing should always be ongoing if you want to get the best results. You always need to keep working on it and find ways to improve your strategy. If you want top rankings on the search engines and build up positive brand recognition for your business, you will always need to focus on your “Internet marketing” process and strategy.

Depending on what you want to achieve, your internet marketing strategy can become quite technical and have many possible steps. In my experience, it is always easier to break down the whole campaign into a couple of steps if you want to achieve the best results. Find below these steps that can help you with this.

Internet marketing process

Evaluation: Always start your campaign by evaluating your objectives and goals.  Do you want more website and blog visitors, leads, sales or just build up brand authority on popular social media channels?  How well is your website, blog and social profiles optimized? Are there any visible defects? How competitive is your market niche? How well is your competition’s profiles optimized? Try to establish metrics to show your success and progress.

Planning: If you want to make your website and blog more visible, do keyword research.  Select the best keywords and keyword phrases based on search volume, relevance and level of competition. Use these keywords in your website and blog’s structure, content growth strategies, social media optimization and link building strategies.

Optimize: Apply the appropriate keywords, keyword phrases and strategies from the planning stage. This will include optimizing the current structure of your website, blog and other online profiles. This stage also includes any link building methods and adding relevant rich content to your website and blog because content marketing is still one of the best content growth strategies.

Measurement: Look at Google Analytics and other statistics software you might have for data for visitors, time visitors spend on your profiles, bounce rate and keywords that were used to find you. What conversions is your website and blog producing from sales, leads, etc?  Prepare this into a monthly or weekly report so that you can measure yourself looking at the previous results.

Once you have done all of the above, the process starts all over again.  Always evaluate the results, plan your changes, optimize and implement new changes and then lastly, measure your results. It’s an ongoing process.