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Internet marketing is an excellent way to let your website and blog soar on the search engines. To get the most out of your internet marketing plan, define your business goals and research how you can meet those goals with internet marketing. 99% of searches online starts with a question. What if you can answer the questions people ask when searching for anything that your business offers?

This might sound all easy, but how do you start marketing your website online? How do you get targeted traffic to your website to increase your conversion rates? Find below a couple of tips to help you start this process.

Internet marketing tips

Target marketing: Research and identify your target market by looking at what people are searching for in industry. After you have done this, setup a plan to market for local and regional factors. Use online and offline methodologies to check which factors are bringing in targeted visitors to your area. You can then group these reasons into a clearly identified internet marketing pool eg: Corporate, Fun, Outgoing.

Content is king: Always create content that addresses the needs of your ideal customer. Develop a differentiated approach for key customer segments. You can create unique packages and specials, even related offers, seasonal promotions and even launch one to one marketing approaches to provide value. If your target audience is looking for a new website, then offer them relevant content regarding all the different types of websites. Make sure you have high quality and relevant content on your website and blog.

Link building: Link building should be an integral part of your internet marketing initiative. You want to be listed wherever your customers are going and searching. Good quality links from relevant sites can boost your organic search rankings. Get links from good quality local and specific niche sites.

Conversions: Offer convenience and value to increase your online conversion. You don’t have to discount all of your services to get the best sales. Try to get close to your customers needs. Give customers a way to buy or inquire about your products and services online.