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Internet marketing is a set of strategies to get target traffic to your website and blog, but for many this is a new and scary process. These people don’t understand everything that is involved to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings. Technology keeps on changing, and internet marketing is much less about all the technology involved and more about connecting targeted audiences. With an optimized internet marketing strategy, you should understand the people you want to reach and have a clear communication method.

Internet marketing is not very different than traditional marketing. It is all about people and helping them solve a query or problem. Here’s a couple of tips on how to start an internet marketing strategy.

Internet marketing strategy tips

Design: Your website and blog should highlight what you are offering and your content. Always try to avoid elaborate web designs as these can distract your message.

Message: People will usually arrive at your website searching for an answer or a solution. It is your job to understand exactly why they are coming to your website and provide them with all the answers that they are looking for. If you are a take away restaurant, your visitors want to know where you are located and the hours you operate it, and your menu.

Call to action: Have a clear call to action on t he path you want your visitors to take. If new people come to your website and leave, what benefit was it having them come to your website? Have clear call to actions that visitors can use such as request a quote, signup for a newsletter, etc.

Advice: Engage with your visitors by providing them with helpful information. In my opinion, how to advice can help you with this. To accomplish this, add a blog to your website and a relevant FAQ section.

Traffic: How are you going to attract your clients? There are millions of websites on the web. Create a strategy to optimize your website organically, include a PPC and a social media marketing campaign. Every little bit helps with internet marketing, especially if you are in competitive market.