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Internal linking is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization (SEO), but it is often overlooked. Internal linking is a internet marketing strategy where you have to link internal website pages including your home page together. This helps to control the link flow and value of on your website. The primary website pages on your website should be easily accessible and only be one click away from any point.

When you are optimizing all of your website pages within your site and then linking them together, you are providing a focused linking structure to your website that can increase your organic search engine rankings. If you have a variety of topics/categories on your website with different subjects, by internal linking them together, you can provide search engines and visitors of your website a clear path to navigate. When you internal linking pages together, link the strongest topic at the top for example – your home page have to link to a primary (top) page for each category/topic and then more interlinking within each category. This can help with increasing the relevancy across your website.

How link value flows

Link value flows into website pages from internal and external pages. This forms a waterfall starting at the top from page to page within the structure of a website. Links leave the website in exactly the same way, and the link value can be directed or random. The link flow of your website can be sculpted and directed using the rel=”nofollow” method. This way the value of your links can be directed to the most valuable pages on your website using keyword link text, and redirected to pages with little importance.

What should you think about while you are busy with your internal linking structure? Your home page should always be structures to be text links and include your primary keywords. These links can be breadcrumb links, navigation links, individual page links or even category links. You can use these links to optimize keyword density strategically to improve your organic search engine rankings.

Internal linking helps your visitors navigate your website and Google’s search engine spiders from indexing your website.