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Did you know that keywords are not just about placing them in your title, headings and content? They are directly how your visitors are searching for any of your products or services online. It’s the words people type into their favourite search engine when they have a question or looking for a solution. Keywords is the heart and gold of internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

When visitors arrive on your website they are usually looking for something specific, especially if they came through the search engines. Usually they will looking for the keywords that they used in their query to make sure they are at the right place. They typed in keywords to arrive on your website, present it to to them. Where will they usually look?

Anything that stands out will catch their attention so use the keywords in the headlines, navigation and in the first paragraph of your content. This happens really fast so make sure that it’s visible and that they can find what they are looking for easily.

Ways to integrate keywords in your website

Main keyword phrase: Every page on your website should be focused around one keyword phrase. It can have multiple secondary phrases, but using one as the main one will keep it focused.

Headlines: Use your main keyword phrase in the headline and sub headings of the page it’s optimised for. This will give your visitors a clear indication of what the page is about.

Links: Use keyword phrases in the links you use in your content. This will signal the search engines what the page is about where it’s linking to and can also provide your visitors with information.

Natural: Keep the keywords natural on your pages. Don’t try to attract Google and the other search engines by doing keyword stuffing. Remember, the search engines will get you the traffic, but real people will read your content and if it’s gibberish, they will leave. Google doesn’t convert into sales, but users do.