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Business blogging is different than personal blogging and micro blogging. Business blogging is done with a purpose and is focused. If you use a blog for your business, you can use it as a powerful tool to improve your website search engine rankings and it can help you to increase targeted and relevant traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves all the methods and strategies to improve the rankings of your website on the popular search engines. Did you know that you can optimize your blog to get more targeted traffic to your website or other online profiles? This is very easy to do by using keywords in your blog post titles, links, categories and in the content of the blog post.

Increase website rankings with a blog

In my opinion, business blogging is a powerful way to raise the rankings of your website. This is especially effective if your blog is on the same domain of your website as it can provide value to your whole domain.

Business blogging involves the writing of keyword rich content that is relevant, unique, compelling and creative. Keywords are still used in the blog titles, links, content and categories. The additional step will be the used of optimized links pointing back to the most relevant page on your website. If you are using selected keywords in your link text and the anchor text of the link, you can increase the rankings of the page it is linking to. This is a highly effective SEO strategy that can provide SEO results fast.

If you want to get the best value from your blog posts, use around 2-3 links in the content of your blog posts. You can also link to high authority websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to help speed up the crawling of your blog posts on the search engines.

Successful blogs usually have a large number of blog posts that are focused around a particular subject. The code of the blog is clean and consists of keyword rich text. These blog posts are written in a simple, easy to spider format so that they can be crawled with no hassle. Your blog can become your natural SEO link magnet.