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One of the advantages of using Google as a search engine is that you can see it in real-time, in other words, the most recent blog articles, news and social media that is related to your search will show up in the results page.  Now you ask yourself, now that Google is in real-time, how can you have your blogs and articles rank on Google?  I will explain to you how to use social media to rank on Google.

1) Up to date topics that are in trend.
If you are looking for topics that are in trend, look no further.  You can find them on  Google Trends, Trending Topics on Twitter and Trending Now on Yahoo.
You will therewith be updated on all the latest news, sports and pop culture in an instant.  You then have to create fresh news on one of the topics for it to appear on the Google search engine.

2) Relevance
Get to know the target audience that would be interested in what you have to offer.  Get to know what they like and where they are from.  Get to know and understand them better and you will know how to relate your information to the target audience’s preferences.

3) Schedule in Advance
Be informed about events in the future so you can update your content that will relate your company to the event.  As these events are often planned ahead it will give you enough time to create an awe inspiring page combining the event and your company profile.

4) Breaking News
If that is not possible for you, at least you will have real time search on Google that will keep you updated on happening events.  Just have a look at the top links in the first five search results.  This will give you an idea of what is going on in the world right now and you can still update and adapt your site to relate to the real time happenings.

You cannot go and write a piece about everything happening around the world on your site, but you can use the ones that are closely related to your company, cause.  This will of course have readers interested in what is happening in their area but only if your target market is local.

While there is no “guarantee” that you will always appear in Google’s real-time search results, it doesn’t hurt to know what topics will trend and be covered by major media outlets, bloggers, and talked about on social media networks for you to keep your own site fresh, new and updated and so keep your readers fascinated with your site.