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One of the fastest growing online sites today that is used for social media is Pinterest. Pinterest is simply a bulletin board of images that you can add which will allow you to show pictures of things that you do, that you like or that you enjoy. Using Pinterest to build your business is quite easily accomplished and along the way, you’ll have a very enjoyable time building the bulletin boards that will sell your products or services.

One example of the way that you might use Pinterest is shown here in this image:

Using your Pinterest board to gain the attention of the customers to whom you’d like to sell, create recipes from the products that you sell. Having done so, it’s a safe bet that those who are interested in creating the same recipes or the same crafting items or the product that you’ve showcased and to which you have linked will buy the products which are necessary to create those items.

Pinterest  and many of the other social media sites such as Facebook and even Twitter or Wooxie can be used to link to the sites that you are showcasing and to offer good ideas for the use of the products. Once you’ve offered them a way to use the products that you are selling, in many cases they will sell themselves.

The use of social media can take many forms. Use it to gather email addresses. Showcase some of the items that you’re selling as well as the things that you can make with them and link back to your site, giving away the recipes for the email address is just one way to accomplish a sign up with an email address to which you can successfully market.

Just because a social media site offers mainly images does not mean that it can’t sell for you. People love pictures. Take advantage of that fact to get the sales that your site needs to grow.