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If you are a service provider and on your website you have call to action on your sidebar directing people to call your business, do you know if it’s actually working? This type of call to action it is best that you describe your services in great detail and provide your visitors with information that can answer their questions so that they call you, not send you an email. After all, that is the goal of your call to action right? How on earth are you going to tie this “action” directly back to the visitors on your website?

Measuring this activity can be done with Google Analytics. You can measure many factors that results in lead generation and your bounce rate. The bounce rate of your website and pages is the percentage of visitors that visits your website and then leave without browsing further. These are the people that leave directly on the page they visited. With online marketing, a high bounce rate means lower conversions/leads. For websites with lots of information, their bounce rate should be between 30% and 45%.

When measuring the bounce rate of your website, don’t just measure it for your whole website, but your website pages as well. All the pages on your website with a high bounce rate should be optimized and improved to lower the bounce rate. After you have updated those pages, track them over a period of time. Keep updating them until you are happy with the bounce rate of those pages.

Here’s a couple of tips to lower the bounce rate of pages.

Website bounce rate tips

  • Very the content so that it targets the right audience you want to target.
  • Add clear and visible call to actions to your website pages.
  • Use thought provoking content on your pages to make it more interesting.
  • Add rich media (images, videos) to your pages.
  • Format your content for easy reading.