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Landing pages are used to explain a specific topic and are usually focused on getting the visitor/reader to complete a specific action such as completing a sale, download, get a quote, etc. Landing pages are mostly used in online marketing strategies such as Google Pay Per Click campaigns or other advertising strategies to convert a visitor into a sale online.

With landing pages, your goal is to grab the attention of your visitors in a couple of seconds when they arrive on the page and to make them complete an action. Sounds easy? It is easy, but optimizing your landing pages can make a huge difference in your conversions. At the end of the day you are not just looking for visitors, but conversions. Find a couple of tips below on optimizing your landing pages.

Landing page optimization

What is the purpose of your landing pages? Your landing pages should always be on topic and focus on a single purpose. Many landing pages covers a range of topics and while they might be good, if you focus only on a single topic, you will increase your conversions.

Who’s your target audience? Design your landing pages to target the audience you would like to reach. These could be people of the press, people looking for jobs, and clients. Each one of these will look for something specific. Never try to target everyone with your landing page. Focus on a specific group.

Sales funnel: It’s very important that you define your sales funnel before you create your landing page. While there are products that have an instant buying decision attached to them, others require a more strategic route to get the final sale.

Measurement: Use Google analytics to measure and track your conversions. This is a great tool that can provide you with very important information on optimizing your campaign. Even though it won’t tell you directly what to do, you can use the data gathered by Google Analytics to determine if your campaign is actually working or not.