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The homepage of your website is considered one of the most important website pages on your whole site. It’s one of the main focus points and entrance points of your site. It’s important to optimize your homepage so that it can attract interested visitors and convert them into buyers. Your homepage needs to greet targeted visitors with your core message and what you do.

The design of your homepage should look professional and showcase your credibility. Even though this sounds easy, with any search engine optimization campaign and all the latest algorithm updates, you need to focus on providing value to your visitors first, and then the search engines. Find below a couple of tips to help you optimize this page.

Website homepage optimization

Homepage design: Use the design of this page to enhance your content, build trust, credibility, and entice engagement. Website designers might love flashy graphics, but this can sometimes keep your site from showcasing your message. Be specific and to the point with the design.

Website message: Interested visitors will arrive on your site because they are looking for answers. How can you provide them information that will help them? Make your core message to the point and clear. You only have a couple of seconds to grab their attention. Use headlines, images, and navigation to showcase you can help them.

Call to action: Integrate a sales funnel on your website by driving them towards a certain action. If you are using contact forms, ask for the minimum amount of information to be captures.

Credibility: Show your target audience that your are trustworthy and credible. Build trust with every part of your sales process. Show your address and phone number in the footer section of your website. If you have a sign up form, use a clearly laid out privacy policy that is always visible to build trust.