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You will find many copywriters online and they com in a range of prices, but should pricing be the only decision maker when searching for a reputable one? Content is king and it’s important that the content of your website is unique and of the best quality. It should convince your visitors to take an action and they should find it valuable. It shouldn’t just be any content for the sake of having content. Content is the heart and soul of your internet marketing strategy.

Quality and unique content should be researched. The copywriter should have a clear understanding of your industry and your business. The content that they write and publish should have a lasting impression on your visitors. The writing should always be written professionally and with style.

Writing content online is different than traditional copywriting. The content should have shorter paragraphs and sentences. The content should be well formatted with headings, sub headings and lists for easy scanning. It should always be focused around the keywords and long tail keywords that your target audience will use on the search engines. The question still remains; where do you find good copywriters?

How to find a copywriter

  • Freelance websites: There are many freelance channels online that you can use to search for a copywriter. Many of these channels works with a bidding system where you submit your job spec and interested freelancers will bid on your job.
  • Industry: Look for people that understand your industry and business. Do they write with passion? Do they understand SEO and how to write so that the content is optimised?
  • Quality: The content on your website should always be of the highest quality. Only choose the best copywriters that writes the best quality content. Check their spelling and grammar. Do they write the content to be engaging?
  • Research their style: Copywriting is all about research. Research previous copy that they have written to determine if they will fit the role.

When hiring a new copywriter, always provide them with a clear and accurate spec on what you want them to write. How many words do you want in the article, what keywords are you targeting, what is the topic of the article? After they have written some articles for you, check the work they have produce before you publish the content. If you are not happy with the content, don’t publish it.