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One of the most important factors of having a website is the first impression it leaves on visitors. Does your website look credible, organized and professional? Was the website design done with your business image in mind? Does it reflect your business image? Online, people are judging a book by its cover. If your website looks unprofessional and not trustworthy, then that is most likely the perception that they have of your business.

Everything regarding your website plays a role. This includes the look, feel and usability of your website. Even though this sounds like mumbo jumbo to many, there’s a physiological and emotional response based on images, color, page load speed and organizing with every visitor to your site. The first impression is usually not based on information content.

Your website is your image to world and should develop instant trust that comes from the visual presentation of your site. Here’s a couple of tips to achieve this.

Get your website trusted

Appearance: The design of your website plays a big role and should be uncluttered, professional, and have a great visual appearance. Navigation and content should always be clear and organized. Use quality images in your message.

Transactional trust: Show visitors that there’s no risk in doing business with your company – online and offline. Provide them with a privacy policy, trust logos, return policies and guarantees. This information should easily be read on your website and include your address and phone number on these pages if they want to contact your directly.

Symbols of authority: Display symbols of credibility and authority on your website. People trust someone that is credible.  With visual assurances, visitors will make quick decisions with limited information.

Clients proof: Try to provide third party recommendations with written and video testimonials. Try to integrate social comments and reviews on your “services” or “products” pages so that your visitors can see that you are trusted by others.