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LinkedIn is a professional social network and one of the best social media channels that you can use to enhance your social media marketing campaigns. It’s a powerful network that can help you increase your business network connections. What makes this social network different to the other network is that it has become the standard for business networking online.

One of the best methods in using this tool for business networking is to spend some time completing your profile so that it’s 100% completed. Your profile will be the centre focus point with your campaign and will determine if someone wants to connect with you. The more valuable information you share on your profile and other relevant groups on LinkedIn, the more searchable you will be.

Why should you use LinkedIn in your business?

Business networking: Networking on this platform can help you connect with like minded individuals. People can search for people that aren’t directly in their own network, but also with people that their network know. This is powerful. This tool is mainly used to connect industry professionals together. Facebook is great, but it lacks the professional side that LinkedIn offers. LinkedIn allows you to connect with old colleagues, customers, venders, and people that shares a common interest.

Credibility: LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can be used for branding and to increase your credibility online. A strong presence on this network will help you with your personal branding efforts.

Connect with the right people: LinkedIn helps you connect with the right people due to it’s powerful internal search. The LinkedIn database is organized and kept up to date with all the members of the network.

Relationship building: This tool can be used to build powerful relationships online. If you would like to connect to someone at a specific company but you are not connect with anyone there, try and find a connection in your network that knows someone that might help.