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The biggest challenge for any blogger is coming up with new ideas for blog posts that your visitors and network will find interesting. Blogging is really easy when you first start blogging as you have all the ideas and you were most likely motivated by starting your “new” blog.  Did you ever think about coming up with new ideas for blog posts month after month? Effective blog marketing (social media marketing) requires engaging and innovative topics that will create conversation.

The reason why I say that blog marketing is tied directly with social media marketing is because I have always used a blog for the centre point of any social media marketing campaign.

Most bloggers create ways that triggers ideas for topics and contents of the next blog post they want to publish. For myself, blogging is part of the ways that I use to stay on top of technologies and trends.  The outcome is regular reading, researching, and putting it into practice what I have read.  I dedicate about 2 hours every day to this process and usually in the evenings when it is quiet.

Where do I get my blogging ideas?

Client questions: When I’m working with clients, I write down all their questions.  Many times they ask valuable questions that other people will also like to know.  Use these questions as topics for a new blog post.

Press releases: Regularly read news and press releases from your industry.  This can provide you with interesting new ideas for your blog.

Read blogs: Try to read and subscribe to other related blogs in your industry and look at the comments that were made. What are people asking on other blogs?

Social bookmarking: Are you familiar with social bookmarking channels such as Delicious and StumbleUpon?  Search these channels on keywords in your industry and see what comes up as popular pages.  These channels are great to get new blog post ideas.

Blog search: Search popular blog search channels using the same keywords used above to see what other people are blogging about at the moment in your industry.

Blog traffic: Look at the most popular blog posts you have made that attracted readers.  Create more blog posts around the similar topic.

Comments: Lastly, look at the comments on your own blog.  What questions were asked in the comments?  These questions can also provide topics for your next blog posts.