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How to do keyword research in your internet marketing campaign

Choosing the right keywords for your internet marketing campaign is the first step with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Selected the best keywords and keyword phrases (long tal) is part of the SEO science. Choosing the right keyword research tool can make a big difference. The more accurate the results, the more quality and low hanging keywords you can choose.

There are many tool available that you can use for keyword research. Here is a couple of free online tools you can use for some keyword research.

How to do keyword research in your internet marketing campaign: Free keyword research tools

Google keyword tool: This is a great keyword tool that you can use for research. Visit the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords and phrases based on your keyword suggestions, a category or even a specific website. This tool will show you local and global search volumes, competition as well as the estimated cost of the keyword if also want to create a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.

Wordtracker: Find the questions people are asking around a keyword. This is a free tool by Wordtracker and it is called Keyword Questions. It allows you to enter keywords or phrases and the results will show you questions that people are asking regarding the question. This can help you provide answers to the questions your clients are having.

AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is another free tool from Google where you can identify which phrases your website is already attracting on the search engines. This tool can help you measure the success of your internet marketing campaign.

Google InsightsGoogle Insights allows you to compare various search volumes of targeted keyword phrases for a specific geographic area.

Keyword research takes much more than the initial research to find out the best keywords for your website or blog. This is one of the first steps we do in all of our internet marketing campaigns to see exactly what the keywords are that people are using.