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How to design a great website

Top great looking websites uses a balance of five key elements to produce great user experiences that meets the goals of business owners. These key elements consists of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content, aesthetics, logical flow, and simplicity.

Eye catching website designs and styles will fail if there’s not a clear message and if you are not getting any visitors to your website. The right strategy combined with the elements explained above can produce a winning website strategy. Here’s a couple of tips explaining the five elements involved.

Website design tips on how to design a great website

SEO: A great looking website with no visitors means nothing. SEO should be integrated into the website from the beginning. Start your SEO campaign with keyword research, creating a keyword plan, and then integrating these keywords onto the content of the website. These keywords will be used in the links, page names, heading tags and the images you use.

Content: Visitors that arrives to your website is usually looking for an answer or a solution. The content of your website needs to grab their attention in order to get conversions and results. Your content must tell your visitors what you are offering . If your content is not providing your website visitors with answers, it will provide little value.

Aesthetics: First impressions last. Your website design should draw in your visitors to see what is important. Blending graphics, color and your overall design can create an emotional response to make your website memorable. Using the right colors is very important with website design. It also plays an important part with branding.

Flow: The business website flow should look natural. Organizing the navigation of your website may seem simple, but it actually requires a good deal of though and research. What is the most logical navigation that your visitors will take?

Simplicity: Create a focused and simple message to avoid confusion and to get the best results. With website design, capture the visitors attention with your message. With search engines such as Google, focus on simplicity to get better and faster results. It is very important to get your visitors attention and understand the purpose of your website in a few seconds.

How to design a great website:

takes more than just publishing a brochure online.