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What is the big difference between developing your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in place or by adding it on later? Will the results be the same? SEO is all about attracting traffic to your website. SEO can attract targeted people that are searching for your services or products.

Keywords are the heart and soul of any SEO strategy. You need to do proper keyword research and select phrases that are highly relevant to your business and have good traffic volume. These are the phrases that people will be typing into Google to find your business. 99% of searchers online starts with a question and the web is all about information.  What if you can provide answers to the people that are looking for your services or expertise?

How keywords works

If your website can greet the people with the words that these people used to search for you, they will become more interested and at the same time more engaged with your website. Keywords are much more than how the search engine categorises your website. They are how people think about the services or products that you provide. Building in these keywords into every part of your website will allow you to better connect with potential prospects. This can also translate into higher conversion rates.

The keywords and phrases you select should be built into the page names, URL’s, headlines, titles, and the navigation structure of your website. These keywords can also be used in your CTA’s (call to actions).

Keyword planning

What happens to your SEO campaign when it was not planned right from the beginning? When it is added later on, the keywords cannot be as deeply integrated in the core of your website. You might be successful in gaining traffic, but its conversion ability is lessened.

For the best effect with your SEO plan, keyword planning should be started right in the beginning before you develop your website. This will allow you to connect in the best way with interesting people that came via the search engines to your website.