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The evaluation of your business is formed as soon as a new visitor arrives to your website or blog. To connect with your website visitors, you will need to understand them. Why did they seek you out? What problems do they have? What are their interests? Will you be able to help them with a solution?

Your website and online profile needs to be trustworthy. A great connection comes from great communication. Good communication is not about talking, it comes from deep understanding. It comes from using a shared landscape that consists of imagery, vocabulary, behavior and symbols. Your website needs to helpful and answer the needs of your visitors.

To connect with your visitors is more than the content on your website. Make the experience visual. Use a video to explain your services and company so that your visitors can get to know you. Another excellent method is by educating your visitors through the usage of blogging, social media, offering free ebooks, and webinars. This is call education based marketing. People usually trust and respect those that teach them.

Where’s your audience?

Where does your targeted audience spend time online? If you own a fast food restaurant, your audience will most likely be mobile. Social reviews is very important. Why not offer your audience mobile coupons? Is your website designed to connect with your audience on mobile devices?

Your target audience knows exactly what they want and what they are looking for. Optimize your website and online profiles with the keywords and phrases that will bring in the visitors to your site that you are interested in. Try to think like one of your customers and not the industry expert.

The connection with your target audience comes from the deep understanding of their needs and wants. Once you understand who they are and what they are after, how are you going to help them?