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A lead generation website can help you increase sales and revenue and ultimately show a positive ROI for your business. You can use a lead generation website to develop leads for your business and you can sell excess leads to other companies. A lead generation website is a website with the sole purpose of generating leads.

Find below a couple of tips on optimizing and web designing a lead generation website.

Lead generation website tips

Unbranded: A great lead generation website should be unbranded and not directly part of your main website. People are usually much more likely to engage with content that is not directly trying to sell them anything. Do the work for your visitors of lining up quotations or putting them directly in touch with a professional.

Domain name: Register a domain name that is very descriptive on what you are offering. This could be if you are putting together a lead generation website about website design.

Traffic: Create the website around a single topic. Use organic search engine optimization or an Adwords campaign to bring in highly targeted traffic to the website. Targeted and focused traffic will bring in targeted leads that can convert better.

Trust: People buy from people that they trust and that they know. Provided helpful and quality content. Spend some time to build a relationship and establish a connection with your website visitors. Show a willingness to help them.

Value: Show and provide value to your visitors. You can do this by offering “free” content in the form of email newsletters to them. Start with an incentive when they sign up such as a free whitepaper, sample or a free report. Your lead nurturing should continue to add value to establish a relationship with everyone in your mailing list.

A lead generation website works even when you only need leads from a specific demographic or region. Any surplus leads that you get can be sold to other companies.