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Personal and brand authority is very important with any social media marketing campaign. This can apply to a service, product, organization or a person. Personal branding is very important in today’s digital market place for a job seeker or a service provider as well. Your personal brand online is how other interesting parties compare you with your peers. The people that doesn’t want to differentiate themselves from the masses will get lost in the noise.

For service companies, it is most often the person behind the service or product that is its greatest asset.  Have a look at the products such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod that was associated with the one and only – Steve Jobs. Personal branding builds up your unique proposition and it allows you to stand out from all the masses online. By creating your own personal brand, you can drive yourself to the next level.

In a very competitive marketplace, blogging is a simple, easy, and fast way to spread the word online.

Using a blog to build up brand authority

Find some tips below that you can use if you want to use a blogging strategy to build up authority online.

Value: Your brand needs to offer something of value that someone will find useful. Your brand and name is only valuble if you are different in a way that others will find valuable.

Innovation: In a digital world with many people in the same boat, you need to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things that will draw attention and interest from your market.

Leader: With a blog you can become branded as the leader in your market niche. In order to become the expert, you need to grab the attention of your niche. Show and share your knowledge without being arrogant.

Trust: People do business with other people that they trust. Be authentic and talk about your failures and successes.

Personal: Blogs lend themselves to a conversational style that people like to read and interact with.  Inject a bit of personality and humor in your writing.

Relationships: Build rapport with other bloggers and your readers.  Try to visit and enter blog conversations on other blogs that shares a similar interest as you.

Consistency: Always be consistent in your topics, values and how your approach to queries. Changing and developing opinions as you grow is fine.