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Did you know that your search engine visibility increases with the number of quality pages that you have and that are indexed by the search engines? You should always try to increase valuable and unique content on your website for on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A few months ago, Google slapped hundreds of websites hard with their Panda update. This included scraper and article syndication websites that were dealing with content that were duplicated and not unique. In my experience, a larger websites with lots of relevant and unique content pages can attract more traffic than a smaller website.

Search engines loves content and when you have more content on your website there are more opportunities to form a match with search phrases on the search engines. Search engines such as Google are always looking for trusted websites with highly informative content that they can use to display as relevant content.

Here’s a couple of tips on getting more content on your website.

Website content

How many words should be on a page? Web pages with only a few sentences and words are less likely to get top ranking results on the search engines. The best is to use about +- 450 words on a page. There is not a exact number of words that you can use, but the more words you are using, the more optimization needs to be done.

How many pages must I create? Have you done any competitor research before? How many pages do they have indexed and in the top 3 positions on Google for specific key phrases? You can find online a couple of helpful tools to run a competitor analysis campaign. You can also do a simple search query eg: site:yoursite.com to find the number of overall indexed pages on Google for your competitor.

To increase the number of quality pages on your website add more keyword rich articles, press releases and news items. All of the content should be unique and must provide value to the audience or demographic you would like to target. The easiest way to get the ball rolling on this is to create a blog on a subdomain of your main domain. Every blog post that you publish is seen as a new page to your website.