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How many connections on LinkedIn is enough? This is a very good question and you will find many opinions online to this question. In all honesty, there’s no right answer. Should you stick to a small network that can be trusted or should you go big and build a huge connection list? This all depends on your goals with your social media marketing strategy and what you want to achieve.

LinkedIn is not very different to traditional networking meeting events. Do you prefer networking with a small group that you trust and know or do prefer huge networking events with a larger audience? LinkedIn provides you access to connect with colleagues and other like minded individuals basically anywhere in the world. There are millions of people on this medium and it keeps on growing.

If you are selective of your connections on this network, always go for quality connections over quantity. Before you send out an invitation, review the other person if they will add value to your network or not. Consider their expertise, industry, and authority. Quality is not the amount of connections the other individual has, but their credibility.

Develop your own checklist for building your target network on LinkedIn. Are you going to connect with people based on their interests or with like minded people. Do you want to connect with people based on a specific location? Do you want to share industry expertise? Connecting with people on LinkedIn should basically mean you are agreeing to engage and collaborate with the other person. It should be seen as an opportunity both ends. Whether you decide on building a small closed group of connections or a huge one, your goal should always focus on quality over quantity. This is a golden rule of social media and many people and brands get this wrong. Focus on quality engagement.