Is your business Cyber Security Protected?

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Open-source tools can seem like a good way to save, however, they will never give you the same security as licensed Microsoft software. Unlicensed or free tools can often attract very small businesses, freelancers or those who have recently started a home office. While you may save money initially, unlicensed software can quickly cost you a lot more than you realise. The biggest danger with open-source, free and other systems that promise to do everything that Microsoft software can do is that they do not actually compare at all. Especially where security is concerned. Keep reading to find out why licensed products are always the safest choice. 

Licensed Microsoft Software and Cyber Security

As we mentioned above, the primary reason to invest in paid, fully licensed Microsoft software is that they offer an extremely high level of security.

No business can afford the cost of security breaches. These can be relatively minimal, such as adware that pops up everywhere. Security threats can also include much more harmful breaches, such as malware that accesses your sensitive information – including banking apps and other financial apps. Many viruses and threats don’t only put your own computer at risk, either. They can also encrypt malicious code into your emails and contacts, putting all of your clients’ systems at risk as well. Needless to say, this can be incredibly damaging to your reputation. It could result in lost business – something that no one can afford right now. 

The reason that licensed Microsoft products are considered the gold standard in online security is the fact that these tools are updated frequently. This means that potential threats are proactively identified, and your software is updated to increase protection against such risks before they can cause damage. Although Windows updates are frustrating and time-consuming, they are in effect saving your computer from issues that could be far more frustrating. 

Open-source and free versions do not have the benefit of regular updates. They also seldom offer any type of support. If anything happens, you are effectively on your own. Microsoft and Windows offer full support, ensuring that you always have help. For added security, tools such as ESET Internet Security will give you more peace of mind. 

Protect your systems with a licensed Microsoft software solution such as Microsoft 365 and you will soon see why paid software is an investment that instantly pays off.